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Liquid Nitrogen Speed Delivery

We offer liquid nitrogen delivery service in small quantity, probably less than 100 liters, well suit the following application:

  • small scale testing

  • laboratory demonstration purpose

  • trial run of experiment

  • spontaneous rapid cooling of small amount of liquid

  • a performance show or recreational purpose

We can directly deliver to the customer’s site and fill the storage containers directly at the customer’s point of use. It brings the advantages to customer operations with smaller gas consumption or with specific site constraints that make it impossible to supply via larger bulk trailers.


Liquid Nitrogen      99.999%

Oxygen                   < 5 vpm

Moisture                  < 2 vpm

Click here for the Liquid nitrogen gas specification in PDF 

​Different kinds of Dewar for storage and handling of Liquid Nitrogen

Storage Capacities:













Personal Protective Equipment:

dewar spec 2.png
cryogenic glove2.jpg
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